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A product profile of the u

Pectic polysaccharide is a kind of material,and exists in all green in the cell walls of terrestrial plants, the role of it in plants is a combination of water and as plant cell agglutination materials. High ester pectin esterification degree is more than 50%, the esterification degree of less than 50% for low ester pectin.
Pectin ,as a non-toxic harmless natural food additives, widely used in food industry, it is a good gelling agent, stabilizer, thickener, suspending agent, emulsifier, which is mainly due to the effect of pectin.
Chemical structure: which are connected to - 1, 4) key become linear long chain, mainly by a large number of - D - galacturonic acid units,including galacturonic acid unit in C6 carboxyl can exist in free - COOH, can also be in a state of salt - - the COO, amide - methyl CONH2 and state - COOCH3, etc.
Relative molecular weight: 30 x 5 x 105 ~ 105
Appearance: light yellowish powder. No smell, soluble in 20 times the water is in a viscous liquid.

To end the application of pectin

1fruit juice

Pectin in the juice has obvious thickening effect, viscosity properties of pectin, make juice with fresh flavor, can give a person the sense with natural beverage.


Jujubes to join high ester retarded pectin, can make the jelly, soft and elastic, enhance the taste.

3. Jams and jellies

Pectin gelation role in jams and jellies, is supplementing the shortage of the "natural pectin", and to give jams and jellies with a kind of organizational structure, and making its deformation in the process of transportation, spice, and reducing colloid syneresis.

4citrus pulp beverage

Citrus type with pulp suspension beverage of the main raw material is low ester pectin, low ester pectin its role make beverage made of stick wall, neither taste pure, of which suspension effect is good.

5ice cream

Pectin in ice cream emulsifying stability role, can make the particles were distributed evenly, organizational structure is exquisite, improve the stability of the emulsion, To prevent the whey protein isolate.

6. Baked goods

Reduce use flour, hamburgers, bread, for example, pectin can under the condition of maintaining existing bread volume decreased by 30% in the use of flour. Pectin can effectively prolong bread shelf sales.

7water, fruit acid dairy products

Pectin of the protective colloid stability in acid dairy products, can make the disinfection sterilization after acid dairy products to extend the storage period.

In the application of drugs

It is mainly used for the production of pectic bismuth. High ester pectin has increased consistency, stability of emulsion and suspension, are widely used in the production of various kinds of liquid reagents. Pectin has many biological effects at the same time, the most familiar is the anti diarrhea effect. Pectin does not produce when in contact with the skin stimulation, he has a good effect on the treatment of wounds. And have a lower blood sugar, blood ester, reduce cholesterol, remove lead poisoning, anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, etc.

U use

1dissolve: will a pectin and mix with five fine sugar, stir slowly in the warm water (85 ), heated to boiling, completely dissolved.

2 as gel agent: high ester pectin completely dissolved, add citric acid, tartaric acid, etc., make the PH within the scope of 2.8 to 4.2, total soluble solids (sugar) in 65% is preferred. After low ester pectin completely dissolved, add a small amount of bivalent cation (calcium gluconate, calcium lactate, calcium chloride, etc.) or adjust PH value, within the scope of 2.8 to 6.5, total soluble solids (sugar) from 10% to 55% is preferred.

3 as a thickener: pectin completely dissolved, becomes a viscous liquid, thickener according to product requirements, increase or decrease dosage of pectin.

Taken the precautions

1When soluble pectin, the time should not be too long at high temperatures. Generally speaking,it should be dissolved in 8 minutes to complete.

2When soluble pectin,you must stir quickly to prevent caking after dissolved incompletely, and have a bad effect.

3 It is banned to dissolved after the pectin solution for too long, because it will affect the quality of our products and should dissolve when use it.